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Alport Syndrome


Alport Syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs in the small capillaries of the kidney that aid in filtering waste from the blood. It is a kidney inflammation that is caused by genetic mutation for a protein in tissue called collagen. The disorder is very rare and generally found in men. It can lead to severe kidney damage.

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Signs & Symptoms

Initially there are no symptoms but as time progresses there are few symptoms that can be seen. Symptoms include traces of blood in the urine, kidney malfunction and build up of fluids and waste in the body, abnormal urine color, swelling in ankles, feet and legs, loss of vision and hearing ability in males and coughing is common. The condition can progress in renal failure.

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

Currently there is no treatment which is disease specific; hence the treatment given to the persons with Alport syndrome is similar to that of any kidney or blood pressure patient. The main aim of the treatment is to control and monitor the progress of the disease. Treatment includes dietary modification and fluid restriction. Ultimately as the disease progresses and reaches to the stage of renal failure one may need to get dialysis or transplantation.

Hearing aid can be an option for people who get hearing problem, but since complete deafness is common learning lip reading or sign language becomes important.

The main aim of the treatment remains controlling the blood pressure as it can act as a huge risk factor.

Surgical Treatment Modern Medicine

Surgical operation options are available for people who get vision problem due to the disease.

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