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Bilateral Hydronephrosis


Bilateral hydronephrosis is the medical condition that indicates the enlargement of the pelvis and other organs responsible for collecting urine. The word bilateral indicates both the sides.

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Bilateral hydronephrosis is mainly caused when the urine fails to drain from the kidneys to the ureter and then into the bladder. The term bilateral hydronephrosis is not exactly a diseased condition; it is instead a condition occurring due to underlying disease that beholds the urine from following its original path to reach the bladder. This disease may be caused by obstruction of bladder outlet, acute and chronic bilateral obstructive uropathy, posterior ureteral valves, neurogenic bladder, uteropelvic junction obstruction, prune belly syndrome, and vesicoureteric reflux.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from bilateral hydronephrosis has the following symptoms:-

  • The patient suffers from increased number of urinary tract infection.
  • There are no other known symptoms of this disease.
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Surgery Modern Medicine

Foley catheter may be placed to relieve the obstruction. Stents may be placed inside the ureters to allow the urine to pass directly from kidney to bladder. Draining the bladder periodically may be done to avoid the constant attacks of the urinary tract infections. The obstruction may be surgically removed and antibiotics are administered to prevent infection of any kind.

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